Study Spot: Cafe 1842

With so many chains out there it’s always refreshing to find a place with character!

Cafe 1842 on King Street North in Waterloo is a great find for anyone looking to warm up with a festive drink, study, or catch up with friends. It’s part of the Huether Hotel – a huge converted maze of a building that houses other restaurants like Barley Works, Lion Brewery Restaurant, and The Jazz Room.


Dates at The Jazz Room are wonderful (and something more unique than your typical dinner and movie), Barley Works has a fantastic patio, the (vegetarian) wraps at Lion Brewery Restaurant are awesome, they have waffle fries, and there are pool tables in one of the rooms. Win, win, win!


Despite the charm of the other areas/restaurants, Cafe 1842 is my favourite. It’s low-key and personal while still being casual. Their menu changes with the season and are more affordable and tastier than chain alternatives. They have fresh-baked goods (no sugar and gluten-free if you don’t feel like indulging) and breakfast until the afternoon.


[ This time I tried the Spiced Chocolate Steamer – just as good as it sounds – and my boyfriend got a Hazelnut Coffee, which was delicious! ]

The breakfast is good but I prefer stopping in for a drink and snack with my laptop or a book.

The exposed brick, unique architecture of the entire building, and special touches make the space feel just like home.


If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend checking it out!


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