Williams Fresh Cafe New Menu

Alright, “new” might be stretching it a bit, but the ads are still up so I think I can say it!

I met a friend at Williams for a study/writing session a few weeks ago and decided to get some lunch. “Wow, really?” he said, “I would never eat at Williams. It used to be so disgusting.”


Times have changed. Their new menu is tasty, affordable, and (relatively speaking and depending on your order) healthy for a quick lunch. For $11 or so you get a panini, side salad, and coffee/tea or water. Satisfying hunger, health, and caffeine needs in one neat package.

They also have really enticing rice boxes which I have yet to try (non-veggie option pictured below). Healthy and filling, they look too good to be true. Also, if they have the Oreo cheesecake, INDULGE.


If you’re by a Williams and looking for a quick bite (or somewhere to hunker down and get some work done) I definitely recommend their new selections!



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