Wardrobe Overhaul

A recent obesseion of mine is the website Into Mind. Created by Anuschka Rees, a 25 year old from Berlin who desperately needs an Instagram account (for my sake), the website features a straightforward guide to analyzing, establishing, and overhauling your wardrobe. Oh, and the interface is to die for – it complements the theme of simplification and is so clean and fresh – a pleasure to navigate!

As a 23 year-old who’s transitioning from life as a student into life as a full-time employee (who is finally going to indulge their wanderlust), I want to organize, simplify, and invest in a wardrobe that is versatile, classic, comfortable and personal. Into Mind offers steps, details, and guides for nearly any type of wardrobe quandry, style development issue, and/or packing challenge. After hauling an excessive amount of clothing back and forth (as I move between homes for work terms and spend an average of 2 nights/week sleeping at friends’), I’ve come to fully appreciate the value and superiority of a stripped down collection and lifestyle.

I’ll share my progress throughout the process as I use Into Mind’s comprehensive 10 Step Wardrobe Revamp. To be clear: it’s not about getting rid of everything I own and starting fresh, or adhering only to the colours below. Rather, it’s a way to logically analyze my current closet, eliminate excess, and fill in gaps in order to better suit my evolving tastes and lifestyle.

I’m jumping around between the steps at this point, because I’ve been busy working on other projects for work and school (oh, and trying to maintain relationships with people I love~), but I’ve included my colour palette and an analysis of my lifestyle below.

You can peruse the Pinterest board that served as the basis for my colours here.


The top 3 colours are the ‘main colours’ – they will comprise the bulk of my wardrobe. Black is obvious – I’m a big fan of head-to-toe black looks and will never stray from it! I’m working on integrating more white into my wardrobe in staple pieces, and the purple (which is supposed to be more maroon than it is looking on my current laptop screen) will also act as a main colour – it’s my favourite and I feel confident in it whether I’ve got a tan in July or am looking pale in January! My neutral colours are horizontal along the bottom; a dusky grey and a camel tone. I’m trying to expand from my black staples and integrate more neutral items into my wardrobe for greater versatility. The four colours along the side will act as accents, and likely not interact too much. To my surprise, yellow featured prominently in my inspiration board, but cannot be found in my closet. Likely due to my fear of looking like I’m ill, I’m thinking this mustard tone will work well for a pop of colour (i.e. a purse, a jacket, or pair of earrings). The deep red colour is another favourite of mine and it’s hard to find another colour that makes me feel more beautiful. Except maybe this turquoise tone! I wear a ring daily with turquoise stones and always get compliments when I wear it close to my face. It’s time to incorporate some more of this colour into the mix! Finally, an army/neutralized green tone will work as an additional neutral tone.

Step 4 is to analyze your lifestyle. I did it and came up with a sad pie chart that demonstrates how often I work! I kid – it was actually extremely helpful and informative to think about my wardrobe as functional rather than aesthetic and better understand my needs for having a more versatile and tailored selection of clothing.  I broke down my activities into: work, working out, lounging (sleeping, hanging out), going out (shopping, dinners, movies, in the city, pubs and bars), dressy (weddings, clubs), and etc (beaching, skiing, and other odds and ends)! Hopefully I haven’t missed anything major!


Have you come across Into Mind before? Are you inspired by her minimalist approach?

I’ll update as I build a capsule and continue to think about/integrate the simplistic approach into my dressing and shopping style. It will certainly be a challenge for me! In the mean time, you can check out my inspiration for my ‘signature look’ or ‘uniform’ here!


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