I’m a student living in Ontario who is passionate about media. Full of opinions, this blog is a space to hone my writing skills, express myself, make new friends, and get some feedback.

After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier with an Honours BA in Communication Studies in 2013, I’m beginning a MA degree in Experimental Digital Media with Co-op at University of Waterloo. My studies (and general disposition) have made me vicious when it comes to pop culture. I’ve had a lifelong love of art and experiment with everything from writing to painting, styling to birthday cards – my definitions are broad since I like to keep my creative avenues open. I have a love/hate relationship with fitness –  I love it when I’m doing it and hate it when I’m not – and am particularly fond of soccer (the beautiful game) and hot yoga.

I hope to work in the marketing, copywriting, or communications fields. I would love to work in the technology industry or at a creative agency and hope to expand my knowledge, gain new skills and insights into my career goals during my co-op work terms.

I love food, music, fashion, culture and film (television counts, you snobs) and I’ll share a daily dish on each, every week.

My impression usually goes one of two ways: I’m either loving it to bits, or ripping it to shreds.



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