Famoso Pizzeria

There’s a new pizzeria in Waterloo, a chain called Famoso that tries to recreate Neapolitan-style pizza and bring Italy to Canadians.


They are largely successful in their mission. I went with a friend on Saturday evening and we loved the casual but classy environment. The ‘write out your order and bring it to the counter’ system was a bit disorienting at first but ultimately worked well, with the counter-worker confirming the order and our waitress checking in periodically.

We shared a caesar salad to start which took a unique but delicious approach to the classic salad – no creamy dressing, just authentic flavours and real ingredients. For the main course my friend made her own pizza and I tried the seasonal white ‘Funghi’ pizza. We were impressed once again by the freshness, quality, and combination of ingredients. Their signature cheese, fresh toppings, and truly tomato sauce, along with the wood-fired crust (that isn’t too thin or too thick – I could only describe it as ‘classic’) make for a great pie. We even splurged for dessert and sampled both the Dolce & Banana – a truly sweet warm, caramel, sugar banana indulgence that is very sweet and yummy – and the Banana Nutella Pizza – enough said.

While it was (as expected) a more expensive meal (and specifically pizza) experience, we left satisfied and with a high recommendation for the place. If you haven’t tried it yet, or live near one of their other locations in The Annex or Yorkdale (or in BC or Alberta), I definitely recommend popping in for a meal!

Get the chili oil – you won’t be sorry.

[ I didn’t have my camera with me, my apologies! ]


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