Julie & Julia

I rarely fall asleep during movies. It hardly ever happens since I’m a night owl and also want to see things through until the end. The only movie I can recall falling asleep during is You, Me and Dupree.


Last night another film was added to the list, Julie and Julia. The darling Meryl and awesome Amy Adams should have been a home run but unfortunately it just kind of fizzled out and fell flat as a crepe.


It was consistently almost interesting, almost funny, and almost entertaining. The story lines didn’t connect in a meaningful way and instead it felt like a half-baked approach to both characters, making them more like caricatures. Even the cooking seemed half-heartedly integrated, and I was left feeling drowsy and distanced from the entire film. It was as if they tried to pull the plot in too many directions and, in the end, failed at delivering the essence of any of them.

I can’t say I wasn’t warned, but I wanted something light and non-committal to watch and it definitely fit the bill. Plus, Stanley Tucci is amazing.

Amy Adams as "Julie Powell" in Columbia Pictures' Julie & Julia.

Skip if you haven’t already and keep Meryl’s flawless record in tact.


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