Honey Bakery

It’s the best feeling when you find a local spot that is sweet, nearby, and delicious.


Honey Bakery has all the right things: scrumptious baked goods, fresh sandwiches, free wifi, and totally fresh and inviting decor. It’s a great atmosphere to have a date, catch up with friends, or get some work done.


 [ Salted caramel cupcake. ]


[ Vegetarian pressed sandwich. They ran out of sweet potatoe so it was a remix, but still delicious! ]


[ Cute chalkboard menus keep things new and exciting and fit in with the clean, rustic, and artistic decor. ]


[ The Honey theme runs throughout with an awesome honeycomb wall to greet customers. ]


Great coffee, loose leaf tea, and some of the most fresh, unique, and beautifully decorated baked goods I’ve seen make hanging out for awhile an easy task. Less simple is picking what to order and holding back from going for seconds.

I’ve yet to try the macarons but they look amazing (um, OREO?!) – I’ll definitely be back soon.


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