The Worst Things About Netflix

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and/or have horrible taste, you know (and saw) that Orange is the New Black Season 2 dropped on Netflix on Friday. Goodbye weekend, hello pajamas and heaven.


Before I collect my thoughts and post a review, let’s acknowledge the worst things about the new Netflix formula for television series.

1. Spoilers are everywhere.

Instead of purposefully avoiding Twitter on Sunday night, landmines appear everywhere, anywhere, at any time. Some jerk somewhere somehow managed to watch 13 episodes in 3 hours and you can be damn sure that his post will find its way onto your feed and destroy the climax of the whole season (although, lesbehonest, there were many).

2. Netflix thinks we have self-control.

Or maybe they know that we don’t. A good series is like a fine whiskey, except that I like TV and hate whiskey. It’s best to sip it slow, let it sink in, and anticipate what’s next. Or at least that’s how it used to be best. Now I’m equally relieved and horrified when I have an entire 13+ hours of television at my fingertips.

3. It’s over too soon.

Walk away? Challenge denied. Do not stop staring at my screen except for (runnning) bathroom breaks for an entire weekend? Challenge accepted. And then the glory that was Season 2 of this brilliant series feels horribly ‘over’ and I have to wait an entire year for more.

Is it too soon to binge-watch it again?


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