Big Smoke Burger – Not So Veggie Friendly

I’ve been pretty lucky thus far. I’d avoided the dreaded dry, flavourless, and above all else, mysterious veggie burger on my vegetarian journey. Unfortunately, that avoidance was halted at South St. Burger last week, where I was served a vaguely-burger-like patty of a dark colour. Soy? Likely. Anything else? Not sure.


What was included is a mystery, what was lacking was flavour. It was basically a brittle piece of burnt nothingness. The worst part was, it was trying to be beef. It had the same look and (dry) texture, and the nondescript flavour made me think that it was going for a beefy disguise. I’ve never eaten beef. I have no desire to eat beef. I have even less desire to eat something that is pretending to be beef. You do you, soy patty, leave the beef to the cows.

I get it – you’re a burger joint, you’re biggest concern isn’t the vegetarian set. But seriously, the crummy M&M Meats veggie burger I’ve had at two (free) school barbecues was far superior. Step up your veggie patty game! Perhaps even throw a portobello on the grill!


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