Not Quite Spectacular

I watched The Spectacular Now last night with little information or expectations about the film. It ended and my expectations remained at the same level.

[ It’s always fun watching a trailer after the film and seeing how they market it. ]

The film follows Sutter, played by rising comedy star Miles Teller, who has a distinct coping mechanism for dealing with his absent father and busy single mother: booze. He gets wrapped up with Aimee, played by Shailene Woodley (who is tolerable at best and irritating at worst), while still putting out the flames of his romance with Cassidy, played by the wonderful Brie Larson.

It almost got me invested in its characters and almost made a great statement about alcohol dependency, divorce, family, and the craggy terrain of high school romances. Almost. Something never quite stuck, despite having an air of realism in main character Sutter: doesn’t everyone remember that guy from high school? Bonus points for casting people who look they could actually be in high school and dressing them realistically.

While I can’t say I’d watch it again, I wouldn’t write it off completely if you like Miles Teller and/or are interested in watching a sad but humorous dramedy with an indie feeling.


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