Poisonous Perfume

This week’s unpopular opinion is my hatred of perfume. Cologne, body spray, scented moisturizer, whatever you want to call it, I find it gross.


Reasons why it sucks:

– They charge outlandish amounts of money purely for branding.

– It’s 80% chemicals and 20% water (rough estimate, I’m no scientist).

– No matter how ‘good’ it smells, it always results in nausea and/or a headache.

– A lot of people are allergic, so you may be putting someone at risk.

– There have been theories that people are unable to choose a suitable partner because they are unable to smell their pheromones. So you’re not attracting anyone with your store-bought scent, you’re actually distracting them.

– It’s difficult to think of anything more pretentious, frivolous, and (to borrow a phrase from the internet) “first-world-y”.

– The advertisements are absolutely ridiculous – ranging from spies to fairies and always excessively airbrushed – all for a bottled smell.

– It’s literally poison.

Perfume– The run-off of the chemicals down the drain has an impact on the environment.

– I repeat: bottled smell.

– It’s nearly impossible to apply properly, since if I can smell it, it’s too much.

– It burns your eyes/nose/mouth when you put it on and leaves a little scent-cloud in your room for 15 minutes.

You smell so much better than a cupcake/flower/fruit/plant/idea celebrity or brand!

perfume_ad_flyer_by_equalgraphics-d370aub[ Alexis Bledel looking about as natural as she smells. ]

The only redeeming quality I can think of is that the bottles look nice on a dresser… Suffice to say, you can cross this off your list of gift ideas for moi!


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