Puck’s Veggie Burger

Sometimes you’re so hungry anything and everything tastes like it was made by a gourmet, Michelin-starred chef. And every so often, you’re starving and get to eat at a restaurant named after one.

A few weeks ago in LA my friend and I were famished after our Warner Brothers Studio Tour and hit Universal City Walk for some afternoon entertainment. Our first priority was food and we decided Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant (although seeming a little out of place among the gaudy lights and signs) would hit the spot. How right we were.


It may not be difficult to find (or make) a veggie burger, but it’s damn near impossible to find a good one. Wolfgang Puck’s veggie option held its own, and with a side of rosemary fries, my plate was bare in 5 minutes flat. Even my non-vegetarian travel buddy ordered it and she was equally impressed. It’s always awesome when you can identify the ingredients, rather than being served a frozen-soy-ish-mystery patty.

Afterwards we were invited to a live taping of The Voice – I’ve never clapped so much in my life – so all in all, I’d say it was a successful and satisfying experience at Universal. I’m already missing travelling around with no responsibilities as my second week of work begins. But, I’m surrounded by great people and learning a lot (and eating a bit healthier), so I can’t complain!

Here’s hoping your next veggie burger is as good as my last.


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