Tove Lo Sounds, Coachella Vibes

On Monday night I had the pleasure of seeing Swedish singer Tove Lo live at the Drake Hotel. Not only did I get to have an amazing last night with my friend who is moving away for the summer, but we got to enjoy Tove Lo’s incredible live vocals and humility before she hits it big!

It was adorable to see a singer who was so humble and astounded by her music’s impact. I’ve posted about her before, and felt that even though I was no longer in California, some Coachella styling never hurt anybody – especially Canadians who are ready for WARMTH and SPRING! (At least the showers are here, I guess…)


Enter a simple base: high rise dark wash skinnies and a black camisole. Enter dramatic flair: floral chiffon kimono (LA purchase). Comfortable but cute footwear and a few layered chains to ground the look.

I left my hair a bit beachy – for the sake of laziness, the will and agency of my curls, and unpredictable weather! Dark eyeliner and a leather jacket kept me feeling edgy and warm all night. I love mixing ultra-feminine and soft pieces with harder and heavier elements.

Time to buy 40 more concert tickets for the sake of the outfit possibilities – oh, and the fact that live music is one of the most incredible things you can experience!


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