WB Studio Tour

One of the many highlights of my 5 days in LA was the Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

After much debate about which studio to tour – the much talked about, more flashy Universal or the home to my beloved Gilmore Girls, WB – we decided that Warner Brothers seemed like a more authentic, more ‘us’ approach to getting a ‘behind-the-scenes’ peek at the place where cinema magic happens.

We were so happy with our choice! The WB tour is extremely well designed – after grabbing your morning coffee or tea, guests watch a WB ‘history’ video that highlights some of the films and television series created at the studio. Then guests are taken in groups of 12 on extended golf carts to get a tour of the outdoor sets. New York, the jungle, Chicago, and rural neighbourhoods can be seen and if you’re lucky, your tour guide will act out a few of your favourite scenes where they were filmed.

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Sets used in Dexter, Pretty Little Liars, Friends, Sex and the City, Entourage, Jurassic Park, Gilmore Girls, Argo, and many other classics were seen on this leg of the tour, and it’s a great way to start to see and understand the vastness of the studio.


Next guests get dropped off at the Warner Brothers Museum, where original costumes, props, and memorabilia from classic and recent films are on display. Plenty of photo ops, no matter your tastes, and an entire floor dedicated to Harry Potter, which was awesome! Guests are able to spend as much or as little time as they want at the museum before heading on the next and final leg of the tour.


[ Our awesome tour guide Bob! Seriously talented guy. ]

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The third and final part of the tour focused on indoor sets and studios, with a walk through the set of Sullivan & Sons (which is apparently on tv now?), some skulking around the final filming of Big Bang Theory, a tour of the props, classic vehicles, and a photo-op in Central Perk made this the perfect ending to a fantastic tour.



Just over 2 hours in length, the tour is well worth the $54, especially for fans (like myself) who can talk to tour guides about their favourite shows and get an inside scoop (with plenty of photos)!



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