The 5 Worst Things About Packing

Packing is hard (especially for girls).


5. Accessories.

Versatility is key, but there’s always a few that get sacrificed. Once three statement necklaces are packed, you can be pretty sure you have a problem.


4. Dividing between and choosing bags.

What do I take in my carry on? What do I check? Is this bag big enough to use daily? This purse matches more outfits but this one fits more stuff. What if I only need a clutch for dinner? Will this carry on double as a pillow if needed? How many bags is too many? How much exactly does it cost if I go over the limit?


3. Undergarments.

Every shirt I’m packing requires a different bra!!


2. Shoes.

They are bulky and you inevitably will require at least 4 pairs to properly take part in all activities.


1. Make Up/Toiletries.

Do you scale down? Do I need my straightener? How many different hair products will I need in 5 days? Will one palette be enough? How many bottles of moisturizer will my friends pack between us?


Truth be told, unpacking is worse.


2 thoughts on “The 5 Worst Things About Packing

  1. I’m cringing a bit at hauling all of this around. you might want to think about dressing like a chic European. They create capsule wardrobes of neutrals with pops of color/accessories. All of the pieces mix / match / layer for multiple different looks. And once you have the capsule you can restrict shoes, makeup and jewelry for that capsule. You’ll no longer be taking the closet and packing lightly.

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