5 Best Sunshine Coast Songs

I’ll be headed to California, specifically Los Angeles, this weekend and immediately had 10 different songs pop into my mind that will be fitting for the occasion. The coast sure is an inspiring place for musicians.

Here are some of my faves to get me pumped for my journey, and to make your early Spring a little bit sunnier!

5. “California Girls” – Katy Perry

Fine, fresh. fierce we got it on lock. Definitely packing my daisy dukes.

4. “California” – Phantom Planet

Whoever you want me to be.

3. “More Bounce in California” – Soul Kid #1

2. “California Love” – Tupac feat. Dr. Dre


1. “Drinking in L.A.” – Bran Van 3000

I used to love this song because it’s my initials – Lauren Anne – now it’s just fitting for a jaunt to Los Angeles! Plus the auto-tuney vibe was totally ahead of its time.


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