“Everything is Awesome” in The Lego Movie

I love animated films. Not only have they become increasingly sophisticated and less cliche/child-centric, but they provide the opportunity for extremely talented and creative people to make beautiful art. The animation and fine detail in so many animated films holds my attention much longer than watching an overpaid actor, who I’ve had way too much exposure to, try to pull off being someone other than the overpaid actor.


The Lego Movie was not on my ‘must see’ list. I watched the previews and thought they veered a little too much toward the cliche, despite providing a few good laughs. How wrong I was.


After a strong recommendation from a certain cinephile, I saw the film last weekend with some friends. We spent 80% of the film laughing and the other 20% being in awe of just how awesome Animal Logic’s animation is – the amount of creative thought and clever placement that went into every Lego-ed scene was astounding! They really push the limits of Lego and create some really inspiring uses for the classic toy blocks.


A great message, tons of jokes for the adults, and plenty of spin-off potential made for an incredibly enjoyable hour and forty minutes! I highly recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor, appreciation of art, and/or kids (that last one is totally optional).

By the way, prepare to leave with its incredibly insidious theme song stuck in your head for the rest of your life.


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