KwartzLab / End of Term

Last night was the last of our group workshops at the KwartzLab in Kitchener. We worked with 3-d printing – both from a 2-d construction angle and through 3_d modelling and printing. I learned a lot at the workshops and highly recommend people check out the space if they’re interested in maker culture, learning new skills, or just being around creative people! The things people create in the space are seriously cool and it’s wild to know how (relatively) simple a lot of impressive projects are.

Here are the boxes my friend and I produced:

2014-04-09 22.39.29 Small 3-D printer:

2014-04-09 22.25.03

Team rings we printed:

2014-04-09 22.39.43

They were a bit too small so we repurposed them:


The workshops have been stupidly fun – I’d like to extend an apology to all the instructors who had to deal with our crazy group that is continually chatting and laughing. Most of all I’m going to miss getting the chance to hang out with some truly cool, hilarious, and creative people! Happy end of term to everyone working through final papers and studying for exams – while it sucks to feel stressed and overly busy, these are going to be some of my favourite memories.


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