I posted this song last year on Twitter, comparing it to Knife Party’s “You Blocked Me On Facebook…” and this remix was released last week.

It takes the same tongue-in-cheek approach to social media as Knife Party and is scarily accurate for a lot of people I’ve encountered. It’s also very timely, as it’s the perfect song to let loose to after what has been a long, busy term! Kicking off the summer with an anti-serious, bad-for-bad’s sake song is always a good choice.

While I think it’s more humorous than high quality, it also serves as a good reminder to JUST HAVE FUN when you’re out instead of worrying about the social network and judging everyone within sight. I often wonder about the people who have perfect pictures every weekend: How did you have time to do that? I always wake up the next morning to find 3 blurry, sweaty photos we ‘remembered’ to take around midnight.

Good fun > good photos!

So… “Let’s go take some shots.”


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