Everybody loves brunch. You want sweet? You got it. You want savoury? You got it.


My best friend and I decided the best way to end a weekend of fun and start a week of work was with Sunday brunch. Apparently the rest of Toronto did too. We tried to wait out Grapefruit Moon but due to a tight schedule we switched gears and headed over to Insomnia on Bloor near Bathurst. The lineup discouraged us at first, but we were assured it would be no more than 15 minutes. Within 5 we managed to find some space at the bar and got one of the best meals I’ve had in recent memory.


We both got the ‘Traditional’ and left or plates bare. The plate was the perfect mix of greens, protein, grains, and HOMEFRIES in the most amazing sauce. We left feeling full but good from the not-to-greasy (but not-too-light) meal!

Bonus: Rather than limiting optional substitutes to ‘bacon, peameal bacon, or sausage’ two vegetarian options were given avocado or tomato! Amazing!


Great ambiance compliments the amazing food for a fantastic dining experience. I’ll definitely be back and can’t wait to sample the other great items on the menu!


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