Girls S3 Finale

After closely looking at the premiere, I thought it was only right to discuss the finale and reflect on the season as a whole.

[ Spoilers… duh ]

Sunday’s Girls finale did not disappoint (mostly) and promised to set the series in a new direction for Season 4. In this case, it seems like change is a good thing and I’m excited to see if we’re taken away from the big apple to rural Iowa – a space Dunham has seemed eager to explore over the last three seasons, with frequent ‘field trip’ episodes out of the city.


The episode concluded Adam’s creative endeavor, with the premiere of his Broadway play Major Barbara. He remains one of the most fully formed and relatable characters in the series and his performance in this episode is among his best. Hannah receives great news: acceptance to the prestigious Iowa Writer’s Workshop graduate studies program (as a fellow grad student, I don’t know how neurotic Hannah will survive this). Unfortunately, she reverts to her tactless, selfish ways by dropping this bomb on Adam right before he has to go on stage.


This scene is nicely paralleled with Marnie’s ‘drop in’ on Desi and it becomes more clear how Marnie and Hannah have been ‘besties’ for so long – delusional and blind selfishness! She finally gets what she’s been hoping for: a steamy make out with (not single) Desi. Love that Clementine was also wearing green. Her lack of consideration is only topped earlier in the episode when she tells Shoshanna that her and Ray have been doing the dirty – right after Shosh has a total meltdown about not being able to graduate and right before they all have to spend the night together at the theater. Great character development!


This episode also brought me the closest I’ve come to crying while watching this series – “Please. Please!” pleads Shosh, asking for Ray to take her back. The FEELS. ALL THE FEELS. Still, it felt right that he walked away after a season of success, confusion, maturity, and Marnie (loved that line about her chin). Their exchange provided us with one of the best lines of the season: “We’re gonna have a chat. At intermission you’re gonna buy some M&Ms and we’re gonna have a fucking chat.”


The only truly disappointing part of the episode (besides that awkward creeping Marnie moment, watching Clementine and Desi fight) was Jessa. But I guess you could say that’s been a disappointing part of the season. How did Jessa relapsing and having a drug-fuelled year become so incredibly dull? I guess you could argue that Dunham and team were trying to avoid glamorizing drug use… but for a show that doesn’t really worry too much about ‘The Message’, it’s hard to swallow how un-entertaining Jessa’s plot line, that had so much potential, turned out.


Oh, and fantastic musical accompaniment for that final montage scene. Girls’ music is always on point. Overall, I’d say Season 3 felt miles ahead of Season 2 (which didn’t have an overarching story and felt too Hannah-centric) and on par with Season 1. It used the group dynamic and cast to its fullest, and while there were some definite low episodes, overall it was consistent. There were some fabulous moments, some quotable lines, and the best dancing on television in recent memory.


Here’s hoping Season 4 keeps this momentum going strong!


2 thoughts on “Girls S3 Finale

  1. My cry worthy moment in the finale was at the very end when Hannah is looking at her acceptance letter and smiling despite her heart hurting argument with Adam moments before…. Huge moment for Hannah’s growth and maturity. So proud!

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