Purse-onal Business

If you didn’t pick up on it from the previous narcissistic posts, my birthday was last week. It literally lasted the whole week and was an incredibly fun time spent with family and friends. On Sunday my best friend in the world came to visit me in Waterloo – my mom.

We walked around the cute Uptown area, stopping in shops and having the best tea, treats, and pizza you can imagine. My mom spotted a purse while in a store and it’s quickly become one of my favourite gifts from my parents. 013We found it in Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade store filled with home goods and accessories made by artisans from around the world. It was made in Indonesia and the symbol on the front represents the gates of heaven.

012It’s structured, unique, fits my camera, and matches everything! It has a sort of Western-look from the embroidery and has quickly become my go-to purse. Plus, I can feel good about the fact that it was made by someone who is being fairly compensated for their craft!

[ Apologies for the ugly background and poorly composed photos – not a lot of time with 4 deadlines next week! ]


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