Korean Eats

After a much-needed birthday hiatus, I’m back with a week full of amazing experiences behind me and two weeks of deadline-driven, paper-writing, design-software hell ahead of me!

Last week, on a scavenger hunt type trip to Toronto with a few of my group members, we did a test run our application design project, focused on a cultural exploration of Toronto in Koreatown.

I hadn’t been to the area before and was amazed by all the yummy food, vibrant spaces, and CUTE things.

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We ate at a restaurant called Ka Chi (on a complete whim) and, although my friends had eaten Korean food before, it was my first experience and I was blown away. After that we stopped by the local markets, had some bubble tea, and tried some walnut cakes (with lots of walking, shopping, and chatting with locals along the way). It was a great way to get to know the area and I’m eagerly awaiting my next Korean food experience!


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