I scoffed and scoffed at my boyfriend for watching Suits. Overhearing various clips and watching the self-indulgent, overly-scripted interactions made me question the series popularity. How could so many people be so intrigued by such an unoriginal, corny setup: power hungry males in Suits make quippy one-liners?

I watched the pilot episode on a whim this past week. And now I understand. Or at least I understand the female fan base.


I give you Mike Ross, the lovable man-child who is flawed yet sweet, highly intelligent and loves his grandma! Mike Ross who looks a lot like Barney Stinson/Neil Patrick Harris in photographs but is actually super cute on film.

Check it out if your a female with nothing to watch until Game of Thrones starts again. Just paint your nails during the scenes with Lewis’ strange flamboyant rat face delivery (I swear he should have played Wormtail).


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