Crunch Time

My blog posts have been shrinking, my inspiration dwindling, and my hours of sleep declining.

All sure signs that it’s March, also known as FML in post-secondary school, and Breakdown in grad school.

Here are some sure fire signs you’re in the midst of March madness (not the good kind where there are bets and winners):

1. Your days are meticulously scheduled.


2. It’s difficult to focus on one task, resulting in a desktop that looks like this (only slightly less cluttered than your mental state):


3. Small talk causes you anxiety because it is not on the schedule for today.


4. You suddenly have multiple new vices, including food, caffeine, food, and caffeine.


5. You try to fit in leisure activities after a long day but end up experiencing them like this:

LjvlG6. You don’t remember the last time you left this position for more than 5 minutes.


7. You try to take on this attitude, succeed, and then freak out because of the hours you wasted.


Good luck if you’re surviving out there and apologies for the disintegrating blog posts!


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