House of Cards S2

There are no words to explain the second season of Netflix’s suspenseful, cutthroat, high production political drama House of Cards. The first season was immaculate. Such a tangled web that Frank and Claire weaved and it seemed after the finale of the first season, there was nowhere to go but down.

[ insert obligatory spoiler alert ]

How wrong I was. The second season starts with a boom and although fairly predictable within the scene (and some missing logic in the review of security footage – couldn’t they look back further and see her talking with someone and/or see Frank assume his position behind the barrier…) it was still shocking to watch.

I found myself cheering, wishing, hoping for the demise of the leads throughout the entire season – a sign of truly accomplished and convincing acting on the parts of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright – but to no avail.

house-of-cards-season-2-posterSo here are my top 5 “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT” moments of season 2:

5. Xander Feng likes it rough.

Wait, I can believe it, but why did I need to know/see it? Character development? I kept waiting for this scene to have some bearing on the storyline. Did I miss it? Or was it just Netflix trying to solidify the HBO comparisons of quality?

4. They didn’t save Lucas.

Such a nice guy. The only hope for justice. Left to rot. Not that I blame Jeanine or think the way he went about revealing Frank was the best or most logical approach… but c’mon.

3. The President and his wife are completely useless and naive.

Definitely a good idea to frequently call and confide in the women who’s married to the man who is plotting your husband’s political demise. Yep, seems legit. It just kept getting worse for both of them, and their self-awareness (“I shouldn’t be doing this” and other such lines) just added to how frustrating it was to watch them hand over their position.

2. Dead Dougie.

Not that I can blame Rachel or will particularly miss seeing Doug’s snake face next year, but for such a key player (for both Frank and justice tech warrior Orsay’s impact) to go down with a brick is huge.

1. President freaking Underwood.

Just. Like. That.

Notable Mentions: (the most obvious) Zoe seeing the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, Jackie Sharp’s straight-up brutality, Rachel’s anti-Christian choice in a lover (called it), the three-way with Meechum (called it), they screwed over Freddy, Catherine Durant’s willingness to shirk the President, Seth’s multi-loyalties, Adam Galloway getting spun like a top, Frank’s address to you at the end of the first episode

LOL Moments: “This is cashew”, “The deep web”, Meechum’s cufflinks gift, Jackie laying the law down (when she brings in the stacks of paper and when she offers a verbal whipping to fellow congressmen), “Hwhat, Hwhen, Hwhere, Hwhy”

On that note, I’ll end with my favourite quote from the season (too many good ones to choose from):

“The road to power is paved with hypocrisy … and casualties.”


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