Documentary: I AM

I haven’t watched a documentary in awhile. In the midst of research I decided to lighten my reading load with a documentary on Netflix. While it didn’t end up being the most valuable for my assignment, I really enjoyed I Am, directed by Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty, The Nutty Professor). It dives into the socioeconomic issues with Western society’s military-industrial-capitalist-marketing machine and brings together some big names and great minds to offer some perspective on why we operate the way we do and why it isn’t the best for our personal happiness or the world as a whole.


The film would have been groundbreaking if I hadn’t already completed a BA in Communication Studies, but for those looking to learn a little more about a critical perspective on Western ideologies and lifestyles I’d definitely recommend it. It’s a little scientific, a little philosophical, a little spiritual, and a little humorous. Full of quotable lines and interesting truths (i.e. we’re obsessed with competition, we treat the human body like a machine) it’s a cool film that works well as a weeknight flick or background noise while you research/get ready/eat/live life.

It can be refreshing and makes me feel productive to watch a doc after watching so much fiction! Next on my Netflix playlist: House of Cards Season 2, Blackfish, and Exit Through the Gift Shop.


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