Montreal Bagels

Along with poutine and smoked meat, Montreal’s culinary scene is renowned for their bagels.

After several recommendations from friends and the web, we decided St-Viateur was a must-eat spot on a girls’ weekend getaway to the city.

126 127

We were not disappointed.

It’s always comforting when the kitchen is in plain sight and when a restaurant embraces something specific (rather than trying to be everything for everyone) the results are usually great.

120 125

After ordering some sandwiches we got some bagels to bring back home. The group consensus was that the side salads were ‘meh’ but the bagels made it all worthwhile. I recommend getting a specialty spread if you don’t plan on bringing some bagels home – that way the yum-factor of the bagel can be fully appreciated.

123 124

The location is very cute and clean, with chalkboard menus, great (literal) signage, and a large old-fashioned wood-burning oven where the bagels are made fresh in plain view.

Forget your gluten allergy and indulge if you find yourself in Montreal!


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