Brooklyn Nine Nine

There’s something to be said for a TV show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In our age of high-production value, ultra-serious popular television series, it can be refreshing to revisit the sitcom and have a half-hour series to watch.

Brooklyn Nine Nine stars Andy Samberg as a NY detective.

If you aren’t already sold, it also stars Terry Crews as the department`s sergeant, Stephanie Beatriz as the bad ass Detective Rosa Diaz and Joe Lo Truglio as Detective/foodie Charles Boyle. Andre Braugher as the stoic Captain Holt, Melissa Fumero as hot Detective Amy Santiago, and Chelsea Peretti as administrator Gina round out the cast. Everyone pulls their comedic weight and brings their own unique (physical, verbal, expressive, timing) comedic edge to their role. Standouts include Samberg, Peretti, Crews, and Braugher who all commit to their roles and consistently deliver laughs.

  b99It borrows from The Office/Parks and Rec format in terms of the office/department setting and hierarchical relationships but doesn’t use interviews or break the fourth wall. Not surprisingly, the creators are also responsible for bringing us Parks and Rec. It also riffs on a lot of conventions from the CSI/Law and Order genre, giving the actors a comedic goldmine to work with.


Flashbacks, different investigations, inter-department rivalries, cop politics, romance, and office antics keep things from getting stale. Guest appearances from other comics, including Patton Oswalt and Adam Sandler also add to the humor and make each episode unique.

Brooklyn-Nine-Nine-Season-1-Promo-BannerWhile it isn’t going straight to the top of anyone’s “Best TV Series” list, it is definitely worth checking out and good for some laughs. It’s consistent, fun, and refreshing even though it doesn’t venture too far from familiar TV territory.


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