Manly Valentine

It’s tough picking gifts for guys. It’s even harder when it’s for a holiday that seems to only highlight flowers and cliched gifts that are red.

I’m being a bad girlfriend this year – I jumped at the opportunity to take a road trip to Montreal (for the first time) with my girlfriends for the long weekend, only to realize later on that I would be missing the manufactured day of love!


I decided to embrace the fact that I was postponing our celebration and decided to make the perfect “You’re Spending Valentines Day Alone, Man” present.


  My guy’s had his eye on Whiskey Rocks for awhile now (essentially ice cubes that won’t water down your drink) so I decided this would be the perfect occasion to build his bar. I found this set at Chapters so, naturally, I decided it was time he got back into reading. He doesn’t have cable and Gaiman is awesome, so I settled on the soon-to-be-an-HBO-series American Gods. To complete the package, I agonized over choosing a nice whiskey. After research, asking the expertise of friends and family, trying to subtly get some information out of him, and multiple suggestions from LCBO staff, I decided to buy several different kinds for him to try so he didn’t end up stuck with something he hated.

Canadian Rye, Irish Whiskey, and Scottish Scotch – the trifecta for his tasting. Hopefully he likes it!

What did you find for your guy (or girl) this v-day?


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