The Weight of Objects

I’ve shared my Tumblr love in the past. I don’t necessary ‘tumble’ for my own blog often – in fact, I rarely do and the ad-hoc images that somehow accumulated there are more a reflection of class assignments and midnight musings than my own tastes or interests.

This week I came across the Tumblr account “The Weight of Objects”. It feels similar to HONY, but is more structured, less location-specific, and (in some ways) more poignant.


It was created by Kristen Joy Watts (creative director at RGA) and Ramsay de Give (a photographer/photojournalist). The concept is simple: interview strangers about an object that is significant to them, and photograph the person and their object.

The images are posted side by side, followed by the person’s account of why that object is meaningful.

Not only are the images breathtaking, but the stories that emerge bring to light the relationships we form with inanimate objects, and how important things are in our daily lives and identities.

Check it out!


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