Interview Style

Interview outfits are always challenging, but especially so during the winter. It’s tough to stay ironed, put together, and chic when you need 4 additional layers to make it to your interview.

I always try to find the right balance between being conservative and showing some personality. I’d hate to blend in with the other candidates, and the type of (marketing, writing) positions I’m applying for demand a certain level of confidence and personality to land the job.

My rules are: ground with black and allow one strong detail to shine through.

I keep my (crazy curly) hair simple and neatly tied back, often with a twist or braid for some added visual interest.


[ A pop of plaid brings an otherwise goth look to life. ]


[ Floral details elevate a simple white button-down from being generic. ]

My other favourite pieces include a brocade black blazer with gold buttons, Vagabond leather heeled booties, and black pointed stilettos. A classic beige wool car coat and massive Zara scarf have been keeping me warm on the way and a Fred Perry bag has helped me carry all my files.

It’s another challenge finding great dress pants. Now that skinny jeans have solidified their status as ‘here to stay’ dress pants have moved in a similar slim cut direction. I finally found a pair that fit my hips without looking like leggings and/or having 7 inches of extra fabric at the end. Surprisingly, I found these gems at Target from their Massimo collection and am very pleased with the price tag, comfort, and cut.


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