Expiration Date

Not only do I have a mass amount of eggs that are about to reach their expiration date, I also have some coupons that expire at the end of the month.

That means two things: it’s time to shop and bake!

Between school readings, presentations, interviews, trying to stay active, and occasionally having a social life, there hasn’t been much time for shopping. The next few days of January don’t look any lighter so I’m hoping to sneak away tomorrow morning to spend an American Apparel groupon and a Shoppers gift card.
Now comes the hard part: what to buy.

I find it’s best to go to American Apparel and Shoppers with a game plan. That way the sales girl can’t convince you that the high-waisted red shiny short shorts look awesome and are super versatile – or you don’t leave the store with a hot pink lipstick and 4 nail polishes you use once.

I’m going to try to go practical with my purchases and find something interview appropriate amongst the spandex and boringly update my foundation.


Now I just have to decide on a colour.
Wish me luck staying on course!


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