Caprese Salad

I never feel as young as I do when I have to go to a potluck dinner party. WHAT AM I GOING TO MAKE? Instantly goes through my mind, with a slight feeling of panic. My default thought is that I don’t know how to make anything worth bringing and sharing. Then, I start thinking, Googling, and eventually I come up with something that is easy enough to transport and simple enough to make that I can’t mess it up!


This past weekend I decided that caprese salad skewers were the perfect plate. I already had a lot of cherry tomatoes and decided that this would be the perfect way to use them. Light, unexpected, and easy to assemble, I bought the skewers, fresh basil, and bocconcini on the way home and left the cheese to marinate in some balsamic vinegar with the chopped basil.


After showering I quickly assembled the skewers in a fairly consistent pattern (alternating for optimal flavour in every bite) and voila! Appetizers/side salads/Italian wonderfulness.



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