Guilty Pleasure: Masterchef

Everybody likes at least one bad TV show. If you don’t, you’re either lying or take things way too seriously.

It’s pretty much universally agreed upon that the reality TV genre as a whole is ‘bad’. I hadn’t seriously watched a season of reality since two years ago when I was really into Project Runway and Ink Master. (Both awesome series that I would watch again, mind you.)

Now I am completely, absolutely hooked on Masterchef. To the point where I am streaming episodes of past seasons.

It seems strange to stream a reality series and it makes the stretched out, dramatized editing extremely noticeable. BUT it’s also extremely satisfying because instead of sitting through next week’s preview you can just watch the episode.


I love the series because it makes cooking-challenged/intimidated people like myself feel like the kitchen is a much more accessible place. Home cooks compete in two crazy challenges every week (my favourite so far was when contestants had to fry as many perfect sunny side up eggs as possible – simple yet incredibly difficult) with one elimination. Gordon Ramsay is surprisingly nice – sweet even – and the other judges balance the show with humor and ‘toughness’. It’s got the typical cheesy reality TV writing and its share of formulated contestant drama, but at its heart is good food, talented people, and lessons for home cooks on the screen and on the couch.


Right now I’m midway through Masterchef Junior. Yes. Junior. The kids are 9-13 and making me feel really bad about my cooking chops. They’re super cute and it’s really heartwarming the way most of them support each other throughout the stress, disappointment, and victories of the competition.

If you need to brush up on your cooking skills, or just want a low-maintenance show to watch before Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and the next episode of Girls airs, check it out!


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