Nail Polish Exchange at StylFrugal

After trying to find some other great thrift shops in KW, I came across StylFrugal‘s website. From the items they feature online, it looks like they have a great selection and I can’t wait to check them out when I have some spare time.

Probably the most exciting thing about the shop for me is their Nail Polish Exchange program.


The site reads, “Just bring in the nail polish you don’t want anymore (maybe you’re sick of it, or it’s not the colour you had hoped it would be)  and exchange it for a colour you want! It’s so easy and it’s free…so come in and do it!”


It’s a really simple and unique approach to reusing, reducing, and recycling products that so rarely get used in their entirety. Who doesn’t have a few extra bottles of polish they tried once and completely regretted buying? Or just out-grew? Or you somehow ended up with the same colour 4 times? It happens. Share the wealth and check out StylFrugal to update your wardrobe and nail polish selection!


One thought on “Nail Polish Exchange at StylFrugal

  1. If you’re on the look for more awesome thrift shops in the KW area then check out Le Prix Clothing ( I’m absolutely obsessed with the store’s collection because it’s all high end clothing (that either still has the tags on or is lightly used) for a really good price. I think Robyn’s business is a little bit more prominent on facebook so you can check out her facebook page here: I love it because she also helps style you (I’m so stinking useless when it comes to putting stuff together), she’s definitely talented. Let me know what you think :)

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