Thrifting: White Tiger

Thrift shopping can be hit and miss. Sometimes consignment stores seem like they were made for you – pieces picked for your taste, body type, and budget. Other times it can feel like you walked into your anti-fashion nightmare.

Lucky for me, White Tiger in Kitchener (248 King St. E) falls into the former category.



Fabulous leather cowboy boots line the store’s walls, with handpicked jewelry and unique accessories hanging off hooks, filling boxes, and being displayed in luggage. Then there’s the clothing. An awesome selection of both women’s and men’s apparel is kept, neatly organized within the cozy boutique. Men’s shirts from high-end and no-longer-in-existence labels and awesome jackets line the left side of the store while women’s skirts, blouses, and everything from vests to jumpers fill the right side.

There’s something for everyone, but a definite point-of-view and attitude that makes the shop cohesive.


On my first trip to the store I entered the dressing room with 8 pieces to try on, after sadly having feet too small for a great pair of boots. I narrowed my selection down to the ‘work appropriate’ and ‘too versatile to turn down’ items and ended up spending $57 on 4 items. Great price points to begin with plus a 25% end of season sale made my affordable picks a steal and I left the store pleased with my new additions.



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