Underrated TV: Nurse Jackie

If there’s one underrated show on television it’s got to be Showtime’s Nurse Jackie.

Edie Falco is a force to be reckoned with, playing a (you guessed it) nurse who has an addiction to prescription pills. Drama with the husband/co-workers/patients/hospital administrators/lovers/children ensues over 5 magnificent seasons that don’t disappoint in writing, timing, and excitement.


After watching the first four seasons in live time, I’ve finally gotten around to starting the 5th and most recent season this week. The storyline and characters have come a long way from the pilot episode but I’m 5 episodes in and confident that this the season has stayed true to the characters.

The half-hour episodes always pack a punch and strike the brilliant balance of combining humor, drama and medical cases into what feels like a seamless, authentic, and always riveting plot.


The aforementioned Edie Falco (Sopranos) stars and truly holds the series together as the bad ass, manipulative, and extremely talented nurse Jackie but she finds support from the comedic Merritt Wever as temp nurse Zoey, Paul Schulze as pharmacist/lover/enabler Eddie, and Dominic Fumusa as husband Kevin. All actors have chops and hit their timing, tone and roles with ease and consistency. A larger ensemble cast of hospital workers add plenty of lovable characters, humorous situations, and witty banter for viewers who may be turned off by Jackie’s moral ambiguity.


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