Braid Game

I still haven’t sorted out if beauty falls under Thursdays or Wednesdays, but makeup, hair and accessories are all part of sartorial concerns so, for today at least, it’s a Wardrobe Wednesday entry!

The fishtail braid is one of those hairstyles that I can do (they are few and far between – curls and an older brother don’t warrant a lot of experimentation/practice/need for hairstyling) that people are impressed by. This particular braid is often viewed as far more intimidating and difficult than the more popular french braid although, for me, the opposite is true.


Since my hair is so desperately in need of a haircut ridiculously long, it’s become one of my favourite easy hairstyles to rock (when my hair is straightened or wet).

This is a good (in terms of simplistic instruction, not music selection/editing/video quality...) instructional video:

I find the biggest problem people have is over-thinking the process. You have 2 sections of hair and are bringing small pieces from behind section 1 to tuck behind section 2. Just changing teams back and forth.

Pro Tips:

– Start with a low, side ponytail; having the elastic at the top makes it much easier when you’re getting the hang of it.

– Start with it on the side because duh it’s a lot easier when you can see what you’re doing.

– Uniformity in the pieces you’re grabbing is going to give the best result and the smaller the better, but the same effect can be achieved with larger/less OCD-sized pieces.


I decided to experiment by french-fishtail braiding into it and was very pleased with the results for NYE. Along with the rest of my trusty beauty items, the fishtail held up for the countdown!


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