16 Signs You’re Late to the Party and Completely Addicted to a TV Series

1. You start speaking (…or shouting) at the characters like personal friends who can hear your (well-founded, omniscient-view) advice.

2. You utter the words “One more…” after calculating how many hours of sleep you’ll get.

3. You reference the series in conversation, even quoting obscure lines from an episode you just watched – even though everyone else watched it months ago. The satisfaction when someone gets it is too great.

4. You cry at the loss/pain/struggle of a character and feel as though the experience were happening to you.

5. Suddenly you’re British/Dothraki/swearing a lot/trying to compose monologues/using “suit up” or other obnoxious catchphrases in casual conversation with mixed company.

6. You proudly sing along to the theme song and find yourself humming it throughout the day, until you suck it up and put it on your iPod.

7. You dread and crave season finales and mentally prepare yourself to mourn. No one is safe anymore.

8. When you can’t find a decent link or Netflix doesn’t have the next season you get genuinely angry. And then you find a way to watch it.


9. If you’re watching the series with someone and they watch and episode without you they are in serious trouble. Like don’t even look at me or you’ll give something away but WHAT DO YOU KNOW THAT I DON’T.

10. You follow cast members, series, and character parody accounts on all your social networks.

11. You begin to plan your days around how many episodes you can watch, sacrificing things like food, personal hygiene, and a social life if it means you can squeeze in one more.

12. You’re filled with joy and sorrow once you’ve caught up with cable air dates and know that weekly viewings will not be nearly as satisfying.

13. You’ve thought about what you’d say to your least favourite (and/or favourite) character if you met them. So what if the actor is in jeans at the grocery store and will think you’re deluded? He needs to hear this.

14. You recognize if the show has fallen completely downhill (hey Walking Dead). You won’t hold it against the early days, and you might hate-watch a few bad seasons out of loyalty, but you know when it stopped being ‘your’ show.

15. You frequently open conversations with, “Do you watch X?” in hopes you can discuss with a fellow geek. If the answer is no, there is a period of overly-intense recommendation mixed with judgement.

16. You find it difficult to believe people still have time (or want) to watch movies.



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