Lover Shoes

You may have come across this article, posted earlier this week, about Chilean (NY-based) artist Sebastian Errazuriz’s artistic shoe designs, 12 unique pairs of heels inspired by his 12 ex-lovers. It’s worth a read if you haven’t yet.


The descriptions and artist himself have come under fire for being sexist and “whiny,” but I think it reads as genuine, episodic memories and experiences rather than a man exerting dominance and exploiting stereotypes as a power move. I think the piece reveals something about human relationships and while it is certainly problematic, in terms of titles and descriptions (really, the girl “broke your heart” and the most pertinent memory is about you discussing her breasts?), there’s a lot of honesty in the piece that transcends gender and speaks to a person who has been had, been hurt, and been in love.

Regardless of gender, most people don’t respect everyone they sleep with. A lot of people have little more to offer than a vague memory or two. Almost everyone finds some self-worth, self-hate, belonging, and rejection in their lovers. Errazuriz’s imperfect execution speaks to the reality of how people interact, use, and feel for each other.




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