Personal Classic: Sabrina

Everyone has a few obscure movies that they watched, loved, and repeated during their childhood.


For me one of these is the 1995 remake of Sabrina, starring Julia Ormond (whose slight Britishness is TO DIE for), Harrison Ford, and Greg Kinnear.

(If you didn’t get excited at the prospect of watching the extremely likeable Greg Kinnear then I don’t even want to know.)


It’s a romance, and isn’t Christmas-y so it isn’t exactly timely, but it’s just a feel-good, honest chick flick that really suits the twenty-something scene.

Some great writing to boot. With lines like, “They say you’re the world’s only living heart donor” there’s plenty of quip and humor amongst the schmooze and romance.

My personal favourite: (Presenting her father with gifts) “For going out, for staying in, and for laughs.”

The perfect balance of gifts this holiday season


[The original, also wonderful. Who doesn’t love Audrey?]


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