Downton Abbey

I can’t get enough of TV series. Not only is a lot easier to commit to a 30-minute or hour-long episode, but the quality of television series as a whole seems to be trumping that of films.

After devouring Game of Thrones, Party Down, and Orange Is the New Black this term (yes, my life is in terms), I screened the first episode of Downton Abbey last night.

[And was happy to see Ygritte!]


So far, so good.  It definitely has a different feel than other series that I’ve watched – given that it takes place in Britain in 1912 – but it’s refreshing and surprisingly engaging. Most young people I mention the series to respond with puzzled looks and, “That’s something my mom would watch.” On the other hand, I know many people my age who actively watch the series and are the ones who turned me onto it in the first place.


Relationships, gender roles, money, conspiracy, social norms, and a large ensemble cast (which is always good – lots going on and lots of people to love and hate!) make the series fast-paced, humorous and reflective. While being transported back in time I find myself amazed by how many of the issues faced by the characters are relevant to my life in 2013.

Of course, this is only after one episode. I’ll update once I’m further along in the series to see if my interest remains peaked!


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