The Countdown Ended

Halloween came and went last week and it was a great time. I went with a gamer themed costume for an event I went to and decided that Duck Hunt Dog fit all my criteria for a great costume: cheap, easy to make at the last minute, original, and widely recognizable.

 IMAG3187 IMAG3190

For those born after ’95 I printed the Duck Hunt logo and put it on my back.

I used construction paper for the grass and ears (attached to an old headband with double-sided tape), printed the Game Over screen caption, and had my mom borrow the duck from the preschool she works at! People loved it and there wasn’t another dog in the crowd… but plenty of cats.

Please don’t be a cat next year – nine lives have been taken and the costume is dead.

As you already know I love Halloween and love seeing all the great costumes people come up with.

Some of the best costumes I saw this year:

– Plain clothed guy with a “404 Error: Costume not Found” sign hanging around his neck

– Jager Bomb (Vest with Jager and Red Bull ‘wired’ to it)

– Rob Ford

– Really committed Game of Thrones characters


Hope you had a safe and fun Halloween!



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