Ricky’s Diner: The Worst

I probably don’t have to tell you based on the title (and name of the restaurant) but my boyfriend and I decided to head somewhere new for breakfast yesterday and were sadly disappointed with the results.


Ricky’s “All Day Grill” provided a substandard eating experience and above average prices for breakfast.

“My eggs tasted like blood,” my boyfriend revealed after getting in the car, after I described the strange, smokey flavour of my veggie omelette and the strange brown residue that it left on my plate.

It seems that if the grill is running all day, it certainly isn’t being cleaned all day. Or ever.

Rickys breakfast club

I thought the “shredded hashbrowns” could salvage the poor eggs but alas, they were a tasteless pile of potatoes. The jam we were given had developed a strange consistency and left us with just-bearable ‘fool-proof’ foods!

On our way out, after being ushered out by a far-from-pleasant scent that can only be described as excrement, we realized it was a chain restaurant. This solidified our new mantra: no chains!!



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