The Autographer

For one of my classes (blog found here) this term we are experimenting with the Autographer, a device that takes pictures at high, medium, or low intervals in order to document ones’ life in a ‘hands-off’ way. Part of a greater trend of lifestreaming, the Autographer offers GPS tracking of images, an app to review files, and easy video and GIF-editing software.


For the purposes of the class we are studying how this device may be useful for people with Alzheimer’s disease to retrace and recall their footsteps over the course of the day. I believe it may lead to frustration and/or confusion as the disease progresses but in the early stages it may be a useful tool.

The lens creates a fish-eye effect and I found my long hair and scarves were constantly obstructing its “big brother” view of the world. I got various reactions from friends, family, and strangers when wearing it, but it mostly inspired confusion.

Reviewing the photos was equal parts boring and fun, and I enjoyed finding some really great, natural shots of moments that would otherwise be forgotten or deemed unworthy of a snapshot.

Here are a few of my favourites.

b00000743_21i50i_20131018_003424e b00000792_21i50i_20131018_012020e

[ Out with friends. ]

 b00000150_21i50i_20131018_202003e b00000164_21i50i_20131018_204044e

[ Hard at work. ]

b00000318_21i50i_20131019_191013e b00000371_21i50i_20131019_202933e

[ Breakfast & errands. ]

b00000136_21i50i_20131020_015653e b00000153_21i50i_20131020_020013e b00000161_21i50i_20131020_020151e

[ Bestie’s birthday celebrations. ]

b00000319_21i50i_20131020_023435e b00000165_21i50i_20131020_020235e b00000326_21i50i_20131020_023552e

 b00000745_21i50i_20131020_163714e b00000725_21i50i_20131020_163303e

[ Packing up and finding my directions. ]

b00000772_21i50i_20131020_164254e b00000781_21i50i_20131020_164434e

[ On the move. ]

b00000794_21i50i_20131020_164712e b00000835_21i50i_20131020_170318e

b00000973_21i50i_20131020_183240e b00000978_21i50i_20131020_183345e

[ AGO. ]

b00000997_21i50i_20131020_183802e b00000985_21i50i_20131020_183514e b00001024_21i50i_20131020_184356e

b00001263_21i50i_20131020_193449e b00001264_21i50i_20131020_193501e

[ Having a time at lunch with my big brother. ]

b00001331_21i50i_20131020_194849e b00001332_21i50i_20131020_194900e


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