Falling for Leather

The weather has started to cool down in a major way this week and I’m loving it! As long as it isn’t raining, these crisp fall days are fine by me since it means I get to wear my coats and scarves!


This weekend I decided it was time to invest (with some help from my generous coworkers) in a leather coat. After about a year of searching for something that was classic but still had some personality, I found what I was looking for in Zara.

2013-10-24_1382584840 2013-10-24_1382584880

Shoulder and back panel details and elbow and side panel stitching give the coat interest without making it costumey. The silver zippers and hardware details add edge without making me look like I’m going to jump someone.


   The rumors are true: leather jackets rock and there are few items of clothing that can make you feel so bad ass. If I’m feeling vulnerable I throw it on and I swear nothing can touch me! The coat is tailored and works perfectly for a casual day on campus or a night out when I want to add some edge to my look.

Well worth the investment.


[ More on that crazy device you see attached to it tomorrow… ]


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