Veggie Tales: The Fast Food Struggle

The hardest thing about being a vegetarian is eating out. Especially in a hurry. On Saturday my boyfriend and I were running late before heading downtown and had to grab something on the way. My options, to say the least, were limiting. I ended up with a grilled cheese from Tim Hortons and fries from Wendy’s. I was full, but not all together satisfied and found myself getting frustrated with my limited selection.

The only vegetarian place in the plaza (or so I’m guessing – it was called Sprouts) was closed and I was left deciding between Tim Hortons/Wendy’s and Swiss Chalet.

After doing a bit of research it appears that a few burger places offer veggie burgers (Harvey’s and A&W – aka the least common chains you come across?) and it may be possible to order Wendy’s salads without the chicken (however they don’t seem substantial enough to have before a night out…).


What are your favourite restaurants to eat meatless in a hurry?

Any tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way?


3 thoughts on “Veggie Tales: The Fast Food Struggle

  1. I avoid fast food chains at all costs – not only because of limited availability of vegetarian options, but also because of general unhealthy options! Go for something a little more local and fresh.

  2. After not eating meat most of my life I have lots to say on this topic! I get sick of eating fast food veggie burgers really fast but the best ones are at burger king, Harvey’s and A&W. In a pinch most McDs will do a “grilled cheese happy meal” which is just two of the inside bun of the big mac fried up with cheese. It is surprisingly good but not very filling. On the bright side the toy usually makes me feel better. My go to fast food in Ottawa was falafel at any of the bazillion shwarma places, but it is a lot harder to come by here. When I know i’m going to be out drinking and I can’t cook a meal at home I usually go for a slice of pizza to line my tummy. Alternatively have your first drink at the Jane Bond in uptown Waterloo and go to town on their AMAZING veggie menu. Don’t ever get me started about their croutons. Heaven. We should go there sometime! <3

    • Awesome advice thank you so much! So tough eating out in a pinch, but luckily I love pizza too :) I’ve only heard good things about Jane Bond! Let’s go pre/post-podcast/cross stitching/event!!

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