Public Art: Elora the Ghost Town

Traveling back to Waterloo after a wonderful weekend at home with family, I went through the gorgeous and quaint town of Elora, Ontario.


Home to some great antique shops, boutiques, and art galleries, it wasn’t surprising that the town would embrace the display of Halloween-themed art installations all over!


[ Can you spot Murton’s monsters? ]

Driving through I only got a taste of the ghostly sculptures and tried to capture as many as I could! They’ve truly taken over the town in an awesome, seasonal way.

The sculptures are part of the town’s “Monster Month” which features a myriad of events and activities for people of all ages to get in a ghoulish mood (click here for the calendar).


The haunting yet beautiful creations are the work of local artist Tim Murton and are part of the “Twilight Zoo” – they’re displayed in Elora every year, with new creatures being created annually. Made of wire and paper they add a unique, festive twist to the beautiful architecture of Elora.

Shortly after Nuit Blanche took over Toronto, these installations offer a more thematic, longer term, and systematic display of public art on a smaller scale. Both provide great opportunities to interact with and think about how art can (and should) be integrated into our town and city landscapes!


I hope to go back soon to take a closer look at the spooky and spunky installations. I highly recommend Elora to anyone looking for a fun day trip in Ontario, especially now if they’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit!

It’s just a 30 minute drive outside of Waterloo and the town also features a gorgeous gorge to hike once you’re finished checking out the shops and art!



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