3 Subculture Flicks You Must Watch

The majority of my favourite movies aren’t award winning (or even nominated). The thing they have going for them is appealing characters, layers of humour and action, and something new to appreciate each time I watch them.

Some of my favourites fall into a weird subculture genre that isn’t official but is so so good. They’re characterized by ensemble casts, some action shots, hip locations, and a total lack of luxury.

3. Premium Rush

JGL being athletic, the beautiful Spanish twin from Heroes, and Michael Shannon being convincing as the batshit crazy bad guy make for a great ride. NYC and cycling delivery people plus some experimental CGI layering (think Scott Pilgrim versus the World – but better) make this an enjoyable and underrated flick.

2. Lords of Dogtown

Heath Ledger, Emile Hirsch, and a bunch of other cuties show how skateboarding as we know it today evolved from a pretty dull sport. The z-boys give laughs, heart, and soul and A great soundtrack keeps it fresh every time I watch.

1. Blue Crush

I distinctly remember this being the first DVD my family bought. Mostly because it was on sale when we bought the DVD player. Kate Bosworth (what happened to her?) any Michelle Rodriguez made/make me want nothing more than to know how to surf, train every day, and live near the ocean. The guy from Legally Blonde is funny in a not-funny way and you’ll want to kill her little sister every. Single. Time. But it too brings heart, laughs and an itch to be part of a cool sport-based subculture.

Preferably near beach, but NYC would do too.


One thought on “3 Subculture Flicks You Must Watch

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